Banoffee release notes

The Banoffee release brings your most requested platform enhancements to life. We've been hard at work optimisng our product suite with features and enhancements all designed to create more engagement, better event experiences, and push our technology further than ever before.


  1. Open onboarding
    We've changed the experience when attendees first open the app, giving them more useful content up front. We've also added in a privacy policy for attendees to accept which brings our app in line with legislation in some countries. This only needs to be accepted once on first login, and the text is configurable through the dashboard (we've provided default text for your convenience, don't worry). The open onboarding enhancement also allows you to publish events for which delegates haven't pre-registered, giving you a lot more flexibility to cater for walk-ups. There's lots more detail on this in our helpdesk.

  2. App Designer
    We've wanted to do this for while and we're stoked to be able to bring it to you. Re-order the app menu, add, remove, and rename any of our standard features, add any web links that you want, and choose your own icons. This really does give you the ability to make your app your own. All changes you make in App Designer are reflected across all platforms (iOS, Android, and Mobile Web) in real time so you can tweak your app after publication or even during your event. Again we've documented how to make use of App Designer in our helpdesk but to be honest it's so straightforward that you'll able to jump in and work with it without any help.

  3. Speed enhancements
    Let's be honest, wifi at conferences isn't always the best. The speed of loading the schedule over a slow connection has been a pain point, particularly at conferences with lots of sessions. We've changed the way the schedule is loaded on iPhones so that it's now lightning fast, even over a less than lightning fast connection.

  4. Open API
    We're pumped to release the first endpoints in our public API. There are a million potential integrations to be built and this puts us in a position where they can be. Already a few of our friends in the event tech space are exploring the possibilities that our fresh new API provides and there's a lot of excitement in the Tribe about it.

    API documentation can be found in Apiary but you can also get your tech team to talk to ours and figure out what we can build together.

  5. Swoogo Connector
    The public API has also been the ideal platform on which to build out our latest integration. Our event tech tribe partners and friends Swoogo offer a world class registration platform and we've built a seamless native integration which brings your registrants (and sessions) into ShowGizmo transparently, behind the scenes, and without you having to do anything about it.

  6. Mobile web

    Believe it or not, not everyone's on an iPhone or Android device! And there's a segment of users who, for whatever reason, don't want to install a native app. Our Mobile Web offering is a first class citizen on our platform and is full of good things.

    - Fully responsive, adjusts to fit all screen sizes, resolutions, and devices
    - Full screen event feed - a perfect social wall for the big screen as well as the small
    - 100% feature equivalence with the native apps - even down to scanning and lead qualification

    We could go on and on but why not jump onto and have a look around one of the demo events for yourself?

  7. App metrics in mobile web
    The last thing in this release started out as a pet project in the tech team but we love it so much we're letting it into the wild. Some of the metrics you've always been able to report on in the dashboard are now available, live, in the mobile web platform. We'd love to hear what you think of this feature and where we could take it next - ping us at!