WiFi hotspot – resources to help you

Wifi – the new basic human need!

It is vital the conference centre you choose for your next meeting can accommodate the demands your attendees will put on the broadband by connecting their devices.

Most attendees will have at least one device, more likely two.  They don’t just want to use the event app – they want to respond to emails, book tickets, post to Facebook, watch live streams….basically they want their online experience to be just like it is at home or work.

It’s a tough one for you as event planners.  Here’s our round up of awesome articles that can help you make your attendees happy.

Please comment with any others you have found so we can add to this list.

IACC’s broadband estimator

How to discuss wifi with the venue you’re considering

How to discuss your event wifi needs with the tech suppliers

Why poor wifi reflects on your brand– a PowerPoint to share with decision makers to convince them you need to invest in good wifi!

How to order enough bandwidth to satisfy WiFi demand at properties booked